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Developmental Therapies and Beyond

 is dedicated to supporting the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and developmental growth of children from birth into adulthood. Our fully integrated approach towards developmental behavior offers unique assessments, interventions, and treatment options for individuals with developmental delays.

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“The spot light today is for this beautiful young woman who is shy at times but has an explosive personality. She has come such a long can see her mom in a black shirt right behind her, she has been the key, her family always supports her and does everything in their hands to help her grow #momanddaughter #momalwayshelps #familymatters #ididit #youcancountonme @stepping_over_autism ”

“Therapy has helped him control impulsive and socially unacceptable behavior. Now he is allowed to spend part of his day in school in a typical classroom. Inclusion has made him more independent and he has taught the students in his class acceptance. It’s a win-win situation. We are so proud of you buddy #autism #inclusion #lifegoals #icantoo #youcandoit 

Developmental Therapies and Beyond”



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