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ABA Therapy

El estudio de los niños del alfabeto

How does ABA work?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. It based on the idea that people are likely to repeat behaviors that are rewarded rather than behaviors that are not recognized or ignored.

How does ABA work?

Our ABA therapy program is designed to help children develop a number of skill sets while at the same time reducing their engaging in problematic behaviors. We begin by expanding receptive and expressive vocabulary evenly across all major parts of speech so that need and wants can be expressed. We then work towards conversational skills, generalization, and spontaneity.

Niños felices con libros

We combine the language acquisition with skills acquisition and during the sessions work on techniques to reduce problematic behaviors. We share these techniques with caregivers so that may implement them at home as well.

How do we get started?

Treatment begins with an assessment, the purpose of which is to determine which skills the child already possesses, and where the child has deficits. The therapist then develops a personalized ABA program aimed at increasing the child's skills in many areas as well as decreasing problematic behaviors.

Niños jugando a la caza del tesoro
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