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Social Skills Group

This weekly social skills program will teach, improve, and reinforce independence to help children generalize learned skills.The environment will be fun, challenging, nurturing, and will stimulate self-confidence in daily social interactions.

Niños felices

The focus of our group is on socialization, pragmatics, language acquisition, following instructions, recall skill, and reading comprehension. Strategies and skills will be taught and reinforced so learning and generalization can take place. Weather permitting, one outing will be planned each month so children can practice and experience what they have learned.

Vocational Skills Group

Our Vocational Skills Group focuses on the six function areas that measure the most important dimensions of semi-independent functioning in the home and community.

The Function Areas that we work on are:

  • Vocational Skills.

  • Vocational Behaviors.

  • Independent Functioning.

  • Interpersonal Behavior.

  • Functional Communication.

  • Leisure Skills.

Profesor y alumnos en la clase de cienci
Niños abrazándose en círculo
Ratio of 3 children per therapist in group complimentary assessment.
Each level is a 7 week program.
The last week of the program is a graduation field trip an then they will proceed to the next level.
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